A zoomed out photo of all the participants of the 2019 Urban Open outside of Urban Axes Baltimore

Urban Open Schedule

Friday, July 29

3pm-10pm - Welcome & Practice Hours

Hop between Urban Axes and Monument City Brewery (next door to Urban Axes).  Reserve at an hour (or two!) of practice at a discounted rate! Practice link will be published on or before July 15th to reserve your space!

6pm to 9pm - Jones Cup Round Robin

The first stage of the Jones Cup randomly splits the teams into Groups of 4, with each team playing every other team in their Group in a Round Robin format, (i.e. 3 matches per team). Sign ups on June 16th

6 PM: Practice Hour for all teams

7 PM: First set of heats

8 PM: Second set of heats

Saturday, July 30

8 AM to 2:00pm - Tiered Tournaments

Tiered Tournament participants can arrive for an 8 AM practice hour before the tournament kicks of at 9 AM. All specatators encouraged!  


2pm to 6pm - Jones Cup Finale + Skills

Join us for the conclusion of the Jones Cup as well as all remaining skills competitions!

Throwers should arrive at 1 PM for a practice window before we kick off the Jones Cup at 2 PM. Sign-up for skills on June 16th

6pm-10pm - Axe Market and Practice

Once skills have wrapped up, we'll be reserve some arenas for folks to reserve practice hours as well as host an Axe Market!

Sunday, July 31

8AM to  4PM - Open Tournament!

8 AM practice available for all Urban Open tournament participants with matches starting at 9 AM! All spectators welcome to see who will wear the Green Jacket!


7pm (ish) to 11pm - Urban Open After Party

The official after party, stay tuned for details!