A zoomed out photo of all the participants of the 2019 Urban Open outside of Urban Axes Baltimore

Jul 29th - Jul 31st

2022 Urban Open

Baltimore, MD

Event Date(s)

Jul 29th - Jul 31st

Event Time

All Day

Urban Open Lottery

The Urban Open 2022 Lottery is now closed! Check the link above for the results.

With over 200 entries, it was always going to be tough to fit everyone in to a timely and well run tournament weekend. Some heartbreaking omissions, and for those that didn't make it in, I'm sorry!

Lottery winners will be getting an email from Urban today with a link to sign up for their spots! People will have a week to claim their spot, and if they don't then we'll work down the waitlist, which is also shown in the lottery results.

Thank you for everyone for supporting us again for Urban Open 2022, and we can't wait to see you in Baltimore!


ALL the fun, all the time

The Urban Open 2022 returns to Baltimore for Friday July 29th through Sunday July 31st!

We will be running both the traditional Urban Open Tournament, open to all comers, following Premier Rules and we'll also be running Tiered Tournaments, where throwers will compete against similarly skilled throwers. This year, we're allowing throwers to compete in BOTH tournaments, so keep that in mind when buying your Lottery tickets!


It wouldn't be a tournament weekend without Skills and an EPIC AFTER PARTY! So of course, we'll have both of those! The Jones Cup will also be returning to the Urban Open, with the Group Stage of Jones Cup scheduled for Friday night, so make sure your plans include getting to Baltimore before 6pm on Friday!


AccomModation? Weekend Schedule?

We'll announce the weekend schedule at the same time as the Lottery results, but expect that Jones Cup Round Robin will run on Friday night, the Tiered Tournaments will run on Saturday, along with the end of Jones Cup and Skills, and then the Open tournament will be on Sunday. Don't hold us to this! Depending on how many sign ups we get we may adjust the schedule, but that is our plan at the moment!

We've also secured a Hotel Block at the same Hotel as last year! We'll release details of the block when we open up ticket sales for the lottery winners!


Q: If I enter in to both lotteries, can I be drawn into and compete in both tournaments?

A: Yes! If you select the Both Lottery ticket you are buying into both lotteries, and if you're lucky, you could get drawn into both the Tiered and the Open tournament!


Q: How will you handle averages for Premier vs Standard rules throwers for the Tiered tournaments?

A: At sign up we'll be asking for your Axescores profile (or equivalent), and from that we'll use your highest average from your most recently completed league season. If that season is a Premier season, we'll apply a multiplier (usually about 15%) to make that equivalent to a Standard season average, so we can compare apples to apples.

If we think there are extenuating circumstances after applying an average adjustment, or for some other unknown reason if we believe your average doesn’t reflect your skill level, we reserve the right to place people in the appropriate tier! But I doubt that will happen...


Q: I throw for a different affiliation, can I still compete at the Urban Open?

A: Yes! We welcome all throwers and encourage you to buy a ticket to the Lottery. If you're a WATL thrower we'll use your most recently completed WATL season average, again with a multiplier, to get your equivalent IATF season average, to place you in the correct Tier!


Q: Will you allow spectators?

A: Yes! Competitors in either tournament, the Jones Cup or Skills events do not need to buy a spectator ticket for the weekend. We'll be selling spectator tickets for others which will cover all days!


Q: Do you have an age limit for spectator or competitors?

A: Competitors must be 18+ and spectators can be any age with parental supervision.


Q: When will you draw the lottery?

A: We will draw the lottery on May 18th and notify everyone then!


Q: Can I buy multiple lottery tickets?

A: No, you can only enter into each lottery once! The Both option is your easiest option, as that will immediately enter you into both lotteries!


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