A zoomed out photo of all the participants of the 2019 Urban Open outside of Urban Axes Baltimore

Urban Open Skills

Saturday Skills

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Jones Cup


The Jones Cup will be returning to the Urban Open in 2021! The Jones Cup is a two stage tournament with mixed gendered teams of two competing against each other in search of victory!

The first stage of the Jones Cup randomly splits the teams into Groups of 4, with each team playing every other team in their Group in a Round Robin format, (i.e. 3 matches per team). Each Group match consists of 3 Rounds, with Round 1 pitting two lower IATF averaged throwers of each team against each other for 5 throws; Round 2 featuring the two higher averaged IATF throwers for 5 throws, and then the final Round is a 5 throw Doubles match up. Jones Points are awarded for each Round, with 2 Jones Points being awarded to the winners of the Singles Rounds, and 4 Jones Points being awarded to the winning team of the Doubles Round.

The top two teams based on Jones Points progress from each Group to the second stage of the tournament, a Single Elimination Bracket! The same Jones Cup match format from Round Robin is followed for Single Elimination Bracket.

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Variety Show Yahtzee


Variety Show Yahtzee is a team competition where four throwers work together to accomplish a set of throwing goals! With the same scoring as standard Yahtzee, the twist in Baltimore is that each teammate will be throwing a different type of throw: standard hatchet, underhand, 1.5 spin, or Big Axe!

Folks will be registering as a team on June 24th, so get the crew together and snag that one underhand thrower you know before someone else does!

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Vertical Around the World


This familiar game, won by hitting six specific spots on the target board in order, is going to be a vertical race up the center board. We're raising the skill level one notch by adding "no bleed" rules for the first five target areas. Don't worry, you still only have to touch the clutch!


For a Full Set of game Rules - Click Here!

Here’s what else you need to know: 

  • Signups on the main event page.
  • Skills will be Saturday afternoon, with practice around noon, immediately following the initial round of the Urban Open. 
  • Jones Cup and Yahtzee sign-ups are by TEAM. Have your Team Name and the names of the members of your team ready to go as they will be required fields on the booking page.