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Memorial Day Weekend Marathon Leagues

Join us Saturday, May 27!

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published 05/03/2023

Memorial Day Weekend marathon Leagues

Looking to have fun on Memorial Day weekend AND sharpen your skills for IATC? Join us for another exciting Marathon League on Saturday, May 27th! What better way to spend the long weekend than surrounded by awesome friends with LOTS of throwing (28 matches PLUS a double elimination tournament!)?

Austin and Durham will be played under Premier rules, a great chance to practice for upcoming tournaments or try Premier rules for the very first time.

Baltimore will be hosting our first Over/Under Marathon League, featuring two leagues played under Premier and Standard rules. The field will be split by your most recent Standard season average or adjusted Premier season average, with the Over league scored under Premier rules and the Under league scored under Standard rules.

We'll need at least 12 people to sign up for each league to run the event and we'll be capped at 20 participants per league! Everyone makes the playoffs (not just the top 16!), cash prizes are awarded, and the playoff winner gets a League Champion Pin! Practice at 9:30am, matches begin at 10:00am.

$25 dollars of your registration is contributed to the prize pool!
Playoff Winner – 40% of Prize Pool and a coveted League Champion Pin!
Runner-up – 30% of Prize Pool
3rd Place – 20% of Prize Pool
1st Place in standings after season matches – 10% of Prize Pool

To register, head to:

Austin Baltimore Durham