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The Road to IATC - Round 1 Registration

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The Road to IATC - Round 1 Registration

From Herzberg - published 3/30/22

Congratulations to all the Urban Axes throwers who qualified for Round 1 of the International Axe Throwing Championship! First things first, Round 1 registration can be found at the end of this sentence, but PLEASE READ the rest of the post so you know what’s happening! 

We are going to assume at this point that you KNOW what Round 1 is and looks like, but if not here are some helpful links: explanation of IATC, explanation of Round 1, how Urban Axes will allocate it’s Round 2 spots, and information about Round 2 in Toronto. Because of the pandemic, there are a LOT of people who qualified for Round 1, so it’s going to operate differently than in years past.

  • For this year, folks will register for a two-hour window where you will be throwing your Round 1 Heat. Each heat of four throwers will have two targets and half an hour to practice before they throw their Round 1 heat. Heat 2 throwers will practice while Heat 1 throwers compete. Heat 3 throwers will practice while Heat 2 compete, etc. until all 16 throwers have competed in that timeslot. Please plan to be available during your entire two-hour block as well as the half hour before if you would like to practice and are in Heat 1.
  • Check your registration pages for available timeslots. If you it is absolutely impossible for you to throw during the available timeslots, please reach out to Matt Herzberg (email at bottom of post) and we can talk about possibilities. Please know that all Round 1 throws will happen on April 8th, 9th, or 10th with no exceptions.
  • Please be 100% committed to going to Round 2 in Toronto on June 11-12 if you compete in Round 1. Round 2 includes another registration fee as well as the ability to cover your own lodging and travel. Know you can’t get vacation time from work? Please don’t throw. The Round 2 spots are HIGHLY coveted – and honestly – it’s very difficult to coordinate changes once people spots have been established.
  • You must register for Round 1 by the end of the day, Tuesday, April 5th.
  • Once we know who has registered for what timeslot, we’ll communicate with each timeslot for heats, to give you a better view into what to expect during your timeslot.
  • We’ve not received final confirmation from the IATF on Urban spots for IATC, but we’re expecting to get about 60 spots for IATC. We’re basing this off getting 59 spots in 2020, but until the IATC publishes the spots, this is not final and may change. We hope this will give those of you that asked some guidance as to how many qualifiers will come out of each Urban location from Round 1. Assuming 60 spots, they will be allocated as such: Austin: 13, Durham: 11, Baltimore: 11, Philadelphia: 11, Boston: 9, Houston: 2, Cincinnati: 2, Phoenix: 1. If we end up with more spots, we’ll publish updated numbers.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Matt Herzberg at