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The Road to IATC - Our Approach to Round 2

Here's how we're breaking down the numbers...

The Road to IATC - Our Approach to Round 2

From Matt P - published 3.16.22

While we (not so) patiently wait for the IATF to determine how many spots each member will receive for the IATC, here's the split on how we're going to apportion our spots amongst Urban Axes venues, based on current league membership.

Austin: 23%

Durham: 19%

Baltimore: 19%

Philadelphia: 18%

Boston: 14%

Houston: 4%

Cincinnati 3%

I know Phoenix isn't listed - we're going to get in touch with our Phoenix qualifiers, and if they are competing in Round 1 representing Urban then they'll have a spot from our pool.

Depending on how the numbers shake out with fractional spots once we know our IATC number, we may need to adjust some spots up or down, as these numbers have been rounded to whole % numbers!

For anyone that isn't familiar with this process, Urban Axes follows the IATF's lead on splitting our IATC spots proportionally based on our community of league throwers across our venues, the same way the IATF splits IATC spots proportionally between IATF members.

We're excited to see everyone in Toronto, if not before!!