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Durham Leagues


  • Urban Axes leagues are open to throwers 18+. Throwers 12+ may throw in a league if their parent/guardian is enrolled in the same league or in another league on the same league night. All guests 18+ must provide valid photo identification on entry.
  • Our Durham venue has a licensed Bar (Beer & Wine only) and is BYO Food
  • All participants must wear closed toe shoes.
  • Standard & Premier Leagues run once a week for 8 weeks. $140/person, paid at time of booking to reserve your spot.
  • Skills League runs once a week for 5 weeks. $100/person, paid at time of booking to reserve your spot.
  • As part of our membership in the International Axe Throwing Federation, all leagues played in Axescores are subject to an $8 Axescoes fee.

Urban Axes Leagues are run on the values of InclusivityEqualityRespectDiversity and Fair Play. To read more about our League Values, please click here.



  • After feedback from our current Thursday Ladyblades League members, we will be offering the league again in Season 4 and it is now on sale. Ladyblades League is open to cis/trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary individuals who identify as women in a way that is significant to them. Join this supportive community of fantastic axe throwers!

  • The next Ladyblades League season will start August 1st and will coincide with Week 1 of Season 4. This means there will be no gap week between Season 3 and Season 4 of Ladyblades League, as with our other 8-week leagues. This schedule will stagger the start dates of Ladyblades League & Skills League, giving throwers the opportunity to participate in both Thursday night leagues if they wish. Throwers who register for both will only have 2 weeks of overlap, and we will arrange matches so they can take part in both leagues.

Enroll in A League Now!

Season 4 of our 2024 leagues is kicking off soon! Use this opportunity to reserve your spot in the next season of leagues by signing up below! Our eight (8) week leagues will be running on Sundays starting at 1pm and 5pm, Tuesday nights starting at 7pm, and Wednesday nights starting at 7pm - all with practice one hour before.

  • For those that wish to play Premier Rules, Sunday Brunch Premier League offers the updated Premier ruleset which awards 5 pts for each touch Clutch and 7 pts for Premier Clutches. This change has created a better balance of challenge & fun, and current Premier League members can attest it's a huge improvement! Come try this new ruleset out for yourself!

We are also hosting a brand new five (5) week recreational league beginning Thursday, Aug. 22nd at 7pm, with practice available at 6pm:

  • Skills League is a new league format that will provide players practice & instruction in multiple Skills throws over the course of the season. Each week of the regular season will focus on a different throw:

    • Underhand

    • 1.5 Rotation

    • Ambidextrous

    • Clutch

      • An open-Clutch match style where Clutch can be called on all 5 throws of the round!

  • Each week will feature practice, round robin matches, and a single-elimination tournament, all played with the Skill of the Week.

  • Week 5 will be a double-elimination Playoffs with matches that combine all 4 of the weekly Skills introduced throughout the season.

Skills League will be played and scored using the Urban Axes scoring app, so no IATF League Fee is required! Come try something new or hone your Skill throws before the next tournament Skills events or Urban Legends!

League Bookings

Gap Weeks

Sunday Leagues will have a gap week August 4th for the Urban Open. All leagues will have a gap week September 1st-5th for Labor Day.


How it works

Axe throwing is an individual sport played in a group setting. Therefore, forming teams is not necessary. If you had a team in mind, you, your friends and/or colleagues should each sign up individually to take part in the league on the same night of the week. You'll all get to throw together but also with and against other league members.

Over the first 7 weeks, you will play 4 matches each week against other league members to determine who will make the

playoffs in week 8. Each match consists of three rounds of 5 throws (so 15 axes total per match). During week 8, the top 16 competitors will compete in a double-elimination tournament to determine the league winner. League members have the opportunity to qualify for the Interational Axe Throwing Championship each year.

As founding members of the International Axe Throwing Federation, our leagues are built around the rules defined by IATF. You can find details of the IATF rules here.

What else should I know

Urban Axes has IATF-compliant axes for sale as low as $25 each plus tax. You can use one of general pool of axes but isn't it much more fun to have your own axe? You're in an axe throwing league! We have sourced what we consider to be the best throwing axes available that are used across Canada where the sport originated.

If you want to bring your own axe, it must meet IATF specifications.