A zoomed out photo of all the participants of the 2019 Urban Open outside of Urban Axes Baltimore

Urban Open Tournament Information

Tournament Rules

  • Tournament Rulesets: Under Tournament – Standard Scoring, Middle Tournament – Premier Points with Standard Clutch Rules. Over & Open Tournaments – Premier Scoring.

  • All throwers will receive three practice throws prior to their first match of each tournament.

  • All throwers will receive one big axe practice throw prior to their first big axe tiebreaker of each tournament.

  • For all tournaments at the Urban Open - if you miss clutch three times in a row you *must* bull back in to unlock clutch again

  • Foot Faults – throwers or spectators are not the judges of foot faults. If you think you see someone foot faulting, notify the referee in your arena, and their decision on foot faults will be final.

  • Device/Measuring – if a throw of yours or your opponent’s needs to be measured, ask for a measurement. The coach will not start measuring until you are behind the red line and will stop measuring if you pass beyond the red line.

  • Board Changes – you can request a board change prior to the start of your match; however, the coach has the final say on if a board change is necessary

  • We will not be checking in axes, but any axe that we deem not legal to throw may be excluded from use at any point during the competition. Axes that are grossly modified, including axes that have had scoops cut out of the beard or cheek, or have had the toe or heel of the bit excessively ‘rhino-ed’, will be disqualified, and you’ll have to use a legal axe for your remaining throws.

  • We’ll be running best 3 of 5 matches to start the tournament and then switching to best 4 of 7 at the appropriate time!

  • Urban Axes League Values of Inclusivity, Equality, Respect, Diversity and Fair Play will apply throughout this tournament weekend. If our coaches see behavior not in line with our values, possible sanctions include a warning, loss of point(s), loss of round(s), loss of match and ejection from the tournament and future tournaments.  Sanctions will be commensurate with the severity of the infraction; respect one another, play fair, and there’ll be no problems 😊

five Tournaments. One Awesome Weekend.

With 128 throwers, the OPEN Tournament will feature the best throwers battling it out for the highest cash prizes, and the winner of this Premier Rules tournament will take home the Green Jacket! The OPEN Tournament will end the weekend on Sunday, July 31st

The TIERED Tournaments will feature pit similarly skilled throwers against each other. The 96 person tournament field will be split into three groups on their last recorded IATF season in Axescores as of May 11th. Though the cash prizes will be lower, the level of excitement will stay the same! The TIERED Tournaments will take place on Saturday.

JONES CUP will start on Friday night with Round Robin matches with the Single Elimination Tournament happening on Saturday after the conclusion of the Tiered Tournaments!