Urban Only Sep30-Oct 2

Tournament Information

Swiss Tournament? What's that?

Over the weekend, we are trying a BRAND NEW AXE THROWING FORMAT, Urban Swiss Tiered Tournaments! No one else has done this before, and we are so excited to try it out and get your feedback 😊. Urban Swiss borrows a tournament system from Chess and Esports, and allows throwers to throw more matches, but does not require a full round-robin style system. Combining our commitment to giving all throwers a tournament experience at their level, with Urban Swiss, no one is eliminated after two losses, and everyone is guaranteed to throw 5 matches in their tournament tier. So this means more throwing, against throwers at a similar level to you! Urban Swiss gives all throwers a fair chance to progress through to the elimination stage of the tournament, as well as giving participants equally balanced matches! Want more details, read the full explanation here!

We'll also run the Urban Only Double Elimination Tournament. Using Premier Rules, this format likely feels familiar to anyone who has been to a major tournament before!

We'll update this page as details roll out!