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Boston, MA • Mar 25th

Slumberjack Skills Series

Join us at Urban Boston for the second installment of Slumberjack's monthly Skills event!


2 Union Square,
Somerville, MA 02143
(857) 997-0025



There is limited first come, first served parking on site and additional paid street parking in the area.  Parking in our lot requires a parking pass.  Ask for one when you check in for your reservation.  Ride sharing or public transportation is highly recommended!

Event Date(s)

Mar 25th

Event Time

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

21+ facility

All persons must be 21+ with valid photo ID to enter and throw.

No Cash

We are a cashless facility and accept debit or credit cards ONLY.


Closed toe shoes are required. It is helpful to have a shirt that allows you full range of motion for your arms.

Food + Drink licensed

This is a LICENSED venue serving beer, wine and cider (no hard liquor). You can BYO food and catering is also available!

The Slumberjack Skills Series continues!

Slumberjack (aka Brian) has put together a Skills series where Boston axe throwers can come together as a community to play stupid games and win stupid prizes! This is a community driven event where everyone is able to participate and will be hosted monthly at various local venues. Urban Axes Boston is hosting the second installment on Monday, May 25th at 7pm, with practice available at 6pm. Registration can be found below, and read-on for more information!

Slumberjack Skills Series

Tournament Format

Players will compete in an IATC-themed March Madness Skills event. Each player will throw 15 seeding throws, after which the top throwers will be split into 4 March Madness regions. Players will then compete in best 2 of 3 Wheel of Skills matches as they advance through a single elimination bracket until a champion is crowned.


6:00 PM


7:00 PM



Tournament Format

For this month's Slumberjack Skills Series, we're planning an IATC-themed March Madness Skills event.

Seeding Round

Each player will throw 15 seeding throws, with mandatory clutch attempts on every 5th throw. Players can choose to throw normal hatchet, 1.5 rotation, or underhand; bonus points will be awarded for each throw based on which Skill-throw is chosen.

  • Normal hatchet - No bonus

    • Premier Rules for Premier league players, Standard Rules for those not in Premier league

  • 1.5 rotation (Standard scoring) - 1 additional point per scoring throw

  • Underhand (Standard scoring) - 2 additional points per scoring throw

Players can select a skill once every 5 throws but must stick with it for at least 5 throws. Total score after 15 throws is the players seeding score.

Wheel of Skills Bracket

Depending on number of throwers, the top 16 will enter the March Madness bracket and will be separated into 4 March Madness "regions" . If we have between 16 and 20 throwers, there will be a play-in match to determine the 4th seed in each region. If we have more than 20, everyone seeded outside the top 16 will compete in a single elimination "Champagne" bracket tournament,  featuring best of 1 Wheel of Skills matches so everyone can have a spin. 

Players in the March Madness bracket will play best 2-of-3 matches and will spin the Wheel of Skills to determine each game played by both players. The higher seed will spin the wheel for game 1, then the loser of each game will spin the wheel for the next game. Throwers advance through the single elimination March Madness bracket until a winner is crowned.

Slumberjack Skills Series Championship

Throwers have the opportunity to earn Slumberjack Skills Series Champion Points while participating in each event, . These points will be awarded based on a variety of factors including attendance and placement in SSS events. Click here to view the SSS Champs Points criteria. The general format for each event will be a double elimination, randomly seeded tournament, and the points earned in each event will accumulate towards an end-of-season championship.

Each player must pay a one-time buy-in fee of $25 to be considered for the Slumberjack Skills Series Championship. This buy-in is not included in the venue's registration fee for each event and is paid directly to Slumberjack. Throwers may buy in at any point during the season but can only accumulate SSS Champ Points after they have paid their buy-in fee. However, a buy-in is not required to participate in any event, so thowers who are not interested in competing for the championship may play without buying in.

All money paid into the prize pool will go towards prizes or used in support of these events. The Slumberjack Skills Series champion will win a custom axe at minimum, with more prizes possible depending on participation. Slumberjack will collect entries leading up to the event and at any point throughout the year should you decide to compete. Contact Brian for more information.