An axe with a black head and a handle decorated with American flag duct tape stuck in the bullseye of a three ring axe throwing target.

Jul 1st - Jul 2nd

Urban Open Red, White, & Bullseyes

Somerville, MA

Event Date(s)

Jul 1st - Jul 2nd

Event Time

All Day
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We're excited to announce the next event in our Urban Open series, Red, White, & Bulleyes! This exciting new tournament will take place at Urban Axes Boston on July 1-2, the weekend prior to the Fourth of July. So don your red, white, and blue, and come celebrate Independence Day with us as we crown our next champs in the City of Champions!

Red, White, & Bullseyes will be a two day event, with Skills events on Saturday, July 1st, and a tiered Double Elimination tournament on Sunday, July 2nd.

We'll be hosting a Welcome Party on Friday evening, June 30th! Come hangout with your fellow throwers and get some warm-up in with practice hours available from 5PM-11PM.

Red, White, & Bullseyes will conclude with an Afterparty on Sunday evening, July 2nd, following the tournament finals, so stick around and keep the party going!

More details can be found below. We hope to see you in Somerville!

  • Throwers 18 and up will be allowed to compete in Urban Open Red, White, & Bullseyes!


Red, White, & Bullseyes Tickets


Stars, Stripes, & Skills Tickets

All Skills events will take place on Saturday, July 1st. All events will conclude by 4pm EDT, with a specific schedule for each event to be published prior to the event.

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Stars, STripes, & SKILLS EVENTS

Stars, Stripes, & Skills will be our Saturday event at Red, White, & Bullseyes and it features four patriotic skills competitions. Each event will be available for individual registration, but you can also sign up for all 4 at once with our "Shut Up and Take My Money" option and receive a discount! For Team Big Axe Across the Nation, you can form your own team or we will match you up with other throwers in need of teammates. Please include the names of your teammates in the notes section of your booking or email

Red, Blue, & White

This patriotic new individual skill is a race to close three areas of the target by touching the red line, the blue line, and white Premier clutch box. And like the trailblazing pioneers of yester year, throwers may take different paths to achieve this goal. Three different throws are allowed in the game, and each gives a different advantage based on its difficulty.

  • Single Rotation (Overhand): Must strike each painted area 3 times before moving on to the next paint color.
  • 1.5 Rotation: Must strike each painted area 2 times before moving on to the next paint color.
  • Underhand: Must strike each painted area 1 time before moving on to the next paint color.


Players have 15 throws to progress through red, blue, and white in order and are ranked by which thrower completed the goal in the least number of throws.

Throwers can begin on Single Rotation, then switch to 1.5 rotation, and then to Underhand, but they may not reverse this progression. If you start on 1.5 rotation, you can only switch to Underhand. If you start on Underhand, you must throw Underhand the whole game.

This means throwers that start on Underhand begin with an advantage but may fall behind if they miss their initial throws. Throwers that start on Single Rotation may take longer to complete the initial throws but have a greater chance they’ll complete each goal. If they begin to falter, they will be forced to abandon single rotation and attempt the more challenging skill throws to complete the colors before 15 throws run out. Choose your throw and master your fate!


Minuteman is our Stars, Stripes, & Skills edition of Time Trials, and we’ve named the event in honor of Boston’s Revolutionary heritage. We’re also giving throwers a full 60 seconds to complete Minuteman, instead of the 50 seconds traditionally allotted for Time Trials. 10 seconds may not seem like a lot of extra time, but we thought we all might be moving a little sluggishly if we’ve had one too many Fourth of July hot dogs! So race through the arena like Paul Revere and score the highest total points to win!

Throwers set up four axes in the four lanes of a single arena. They run from one target to the next, picking up and throwing their axe before moving on to the next lane. Throwers tap the wall at the start and end of each pass to start and stop their time before resetting their 4 axes to throw again. A different throw is used in each pass, so each player throws 4 single rotation, 4 1.5 rotation, and 4 underhand throws. Throwers must complete all 3 passes before 60 seconds runs out and are ranked by total score, with fastest time as a tie breaker.

Random Doubles

We’ll pair you up with a partner for this doubles event, so please sign up as an individual. We’re excited to announce this event will be score by our new Urban Rules tournament format, which you can read more about here. We hope these rules will create some thrilling competitive matches with their potential for both touch Clutch and Premier clutch points, so check out Urban Rules and sign-up to be one of the first to try out our new ruleset!

In Random Doubles, teams of 2 will throw in head-to-head, best 2 of 3 matches, in a random seeded single elimination bracket. Doubles teams throw at the same target simultaneously and receive the combined score of both teammates throws. Tied matches will be decided by a Doubles Big Axe tie breaker. We’ll advance through the bracket until we have a champion.

Team Big Axe Across the Nation

This event will be a race with your team from sea to shining sea, or should we say Clutch to shining Clutch. Teams begin in the Heartland with a bullseye, then head to the west coast for a left Clutch. They then progress east across the target, closing each scoring ring until they reach the Statue of Liberty (right Clutch)!

Teams of 4 throwers rotate in a set order, throwing Big Axe one at a time. Each team must be mixed gender with no more than two teammates of the same gender. Teams have to hit the following sequence: Bullseye, Left Clutch, Left 1, Left 3, Bull, Right 3, Right 1, Right Clutch. If a thrower hits their target, the next thrower moves on to the next point value. If the thrower misses their target, the next thrower must throw for the same value. Teams start with a score of 320 and each miss counts as negative 20 points.  If you get to zero, the round is over.

Red, White, and Bullseyes Tiered Tournaments

We'll be running tiered, Double Elimination tournaments to crown our Red, White, & Bullseyes champions! The Over tournament will be scored under Premier rules, while the Under tournament will be scored Under standard rules. To split the field into their respective tiers, we'll be using the IATF's last 12 months average for throwers, Standard or Premier + 15%, whichever is higher. We will then run two tournaments of up to 32 throwers and crown two Red, White, and Bullseyes champions!

We believe that Tiered Tournaments are the best way to make sure that ALL levels of throwers can experience a competitive tournament environment, as well as have the chance to appear on a Live Stream for the finals.

Ticket Information

Red, White, & Bullseyes tickets will go on sale Thursday, May 4th at 7:00 PM EDT. 64 tickets will be initially available (32 for each tier) and tiers will be announced prior to the event. A Waitlist will be available should the tournament sell out and we will contact those throwers as tournament spots become available.

Stars, Stripes, & Skills tickets will go on sale Tuesday, May 30th. Follow our Facebook event or check back here for more announcements!

Weekend Schedule & HOTEL BLOCK

We'll flesh this out with practice and event start times once we know how many attendees to expect, but below represents the broad strokes of our Red, White, & Bullseyes schedule.

Our hotel block is at the Hampton Inn, Boston/Cambridge, down the road from Urban Axes, a 20 min walk or short uber ride away.  The rate is $169/night for double occupancy in a King or Two Queen room (additional charge for 3 or 4 guests in the Two Queen room) and includes:

  • Complimentary hot breakfast buffet
  • Wifi
  • Parking for one car per room in the garage subject to availability and availability is not guaranteed.    


Book your room here, unusued rooms will be released by 5/31 but will sell out, so book ASAP!  

Friday, June 30


Welcome Party & Practice Hours

Saturday, July 1

Stars, Stripes, & Skills Events

Sunday, July 2

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