Clutch City Classic

Clutch City Classic Tournament Information

Three Tournaments. One Awesome Weekend.

With up to 64 throwers, Saturday's Under 70/50 Average Tournament will feature similarly skilled throwers battling it for a $1,000. This Standard IATF rules features throwers who averaged less than 70 in their last recorded IATF season (or less than 50 in their last recorded WATL season), and we'll be on the of the most exciting events of the weekend!

Sunday's Premier OVER/UNDER Tournaments will pit similarly skilled throwers against each other in two Premier IATF rules tournaments. Open to all IATF throwers & WATL throwers, the 64 person tournament field will be split in half based on their last recorded IATF or WATL season. The winner of the UNDER Tournament is going home with $1,000 and the winner of the OVER Tournament will be leaving with $1,500!

There are currently still spots available in BOTH tournaments, so sign up at here! Prize pool break down below the Q+A!

Clutch City Classic Q+A

What average will you be using for the Clutch City Classic?

For IATF throwers, the average we will be using will be your last recorded STANDARD rules season as of July 22nd. For WATL throwers, we’ll be using your last recorded season as of July 22nd.

If I’m eligible for Saturday’s tournament, can I throw on both days?


When will the field be split for the Premier OVER/UNDER Tournaments?

Great question with maybe an unsatisfying answer! We will not REALLY know until tournament weekend, but we will start letting people know where the field is a couple weeks ahead of time!

What about this “Texas vs the Rest of Us” Competition?

Only throwers that are participating in one of the Saturday or Sunday tournaments will be eligible for the Texas vs. The Rest of Us tournament. The teams of 10 will be announced shortly and we encourage everyone to come hang out for a fun night of throwing!

Can I trade spots with someone else or transfer my spot to someone else?

No. All registrations are non-transferable.

What about refunds? I'm not sure I can commit to travel just yet.

We will be able to provide refunds to tournament participants up until August 20th – at which point a refund will be contingent upon our ability to fill your spot in the tournament.

Can I use a gift card?

Yes, but no! Please initially pay with a credit card for all Clutch City Classic related items. If you would like to use a gift card, reach out to us and we will refund your payment and apply the gift card. Apologies for the inconvenience! Your gift cards are attached to specific cities when purchased, so there are a lot of moving pieces.

Are spectators allowed?

Yes. We will be charging a nominal fee ($10 for the whole weekend). Spectator registration will go live when skills registration goes live. Competitors in any of the tournaments or skills do not need to buy a spectator ticket for the weekend.