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Clutch City Classic Skills

Saturday Skills

Skills spots still available on the Clutch City Classic main page.

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Time Trials

The Time Trials skill is a timed event comprised of three rounds of four throws each, moving along the targets in a single arena.

You can check out an old (wood blocks on the floor and all) video from the IATF for an explanation right here.

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1.5 Spin Blackjack

In Blackjack, the object of the game is to score as close to, or exactly, 21 points without going over, also known as “busting”.

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Blind Date Doubles

Doubles is a partnered competition where both throwers must throw their axe at the same time at the same target for each throw. For Clutch City Classic, your “Blind Date” partner will be revealed to you no later than Wednesday, September 15th.

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Team Big Axe Around the World

This team competition is a race to see which team can complete Big Axe Around the World in the LEAST number of throws.

Pick your team or be assigned a team! You can send your Team Name and the names of your teammates to Matt H. at



Here’s what else you need to know: 

  • Signups on the main event page.
  • Skills will be Saturday afternoon, with practice around 1pm.