Urban Madness Background

Urban Madness Format

Let the Madness begin!

published 03/03/23

Urban Madness Tournament Format

Continuing on from our Urban Only event last September in Austin, we are excited to expand on Urban Swiss into Urban Madness!

The Swiss format borrows a tournament system from Chess and Esports, and allows throwers to throw more matches, but does not require a full round-robin style system. With Urban Madness, no one is eliminated after two losses, and everyone is guaranteed to throw at least 5 matches. So this means more throwing, against throwers at a similar level to you! 

How Urban madness works

Throwers will be split randomly into four Swiss tournaments of 16 competitors each. Each tournament will have 8 matches randomly generated for their Round 1 matches. Matches in Urban Madness will be "league style" best 3 of 5, with Big Axe to determine a winner in the event a match ends in an overall tie. After the Round 1 matches have finished, there will be 8 throwers who won their first match, and 8 throwers who lost their first match. Round 2 matches will then be randomly generated so that winners in Round 1 play another Round 1 winner, and losers in Round 1 play another Round 1 loser.

After Round 2 is completed, there will be throwers who are 2-0, throwers who are 1-1 and throwers who are 0-2. Round 3 matches will be created so the 2-0 throwers will have matches randomly assigned against another 2-0 thrower, the 1-1 throwers will have matches randomly assigned against another 1-1 thrower, and the 0-2 throwers will have matches randomly assigned similarly. In Swiss tournaments you’ll always play someone who has the same or a very similar record to you! Also, there are no rematchies! If you've played someone already in Swiss, you won't play them again during the Swiss portion of Urban Madness.

Then What?

With 16 throwers per tournament, we'll be running 4 rounds of Swiss matches. Someone will end each Urban Madness tournament with an undefeated record (4-0), but unfortunately, someone else will end with no wins (0-4) - so mentally prepare yourself for elation or desolation now!

To break ties for everyone in between these two throwers, we'll be using the following tiebreakers in order:

  1. Rounds won
  2. Rounds lost
  3. Strength of Schedule (aka cumulative rounds won by opponents of your opponents!
  4. Head to Head result
  5. Best 3 of 5 showdown, if tied on everything above!


After 4 rounds for each Urban Madness tournament have completed, we will run a 64 person Single Elimination Bracket which will be SEEDED based off the results from the Urban Madness tournaments. Everyone will make the Single Elimination Tournament and seeds will be distributed in the 64 person bracket to ensure that you won't meet anyone else from your Swiss tournament until the 3rd Round at the earliest. Matches in the Single Elimination Bracket will be all be "playoff style" (i.e. Big Axe to decide every round), with best 3 of 5 rounds to start, and move to best 4 of 7 rounds for semi-finals and final.

This sounds AWESOME! But I have more questions...

Head on over to our Facebook Event page and pop a question in the discussion there!