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The Road to IATC - Wildcard!

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The Road to IATC - Wildcard!

From Herzberg - published 3.14.22

Hey Everyone! IATC season is officially upon us and the next stop on the "road to Toronto" is the Wildcard Tournament! Registration links are below if you want to skip through all the text .

What is IATC? What is this Wildcard? Good questions! The International Axe Throwing Championship is an annual tournament in Toronto bringing together throwers from all IATF affiliates/venues across the world. You can check out more specifics the IATF website (which FB doesn't allow us to link to: go to IATF dot COM slash TOURNAMENTS for more info).

The Wildcard Tournament is folks' LAST chance to qualify for Round 1 of the IATC (what is round 1 you ask? Good question - check that IATF website for an immediate answer). We've set up registration pages for all cities to help us gauge interest in the wildcard. We're not sure they are going to be super popular, so we can't promise we'll have enough sign-ups to run (which means you can find another venue). But those that will run will happen Sunday afternoon, March 20th @ 3pm featuring a Premier rules Double Elimination Tournament.

A few notes on eligibility:

1.) You can only participate in the Wildcard if you HAVEN'T already qualified for Round 1. Not sure if you have already qualified? The IATF is publishing a list on Monday, so you can wait until then.

2.) You do need to have participated in a season with us sometime since January 2020.

3.) Please keep in mind that this is a tournament that starts you on the path to Toronto, so please be committed to making that trip in June if you win (and make your way through Round 1 in April).

Registrations have closed! Congrats to all our Wildcard participants and our winners!

- Herzberg