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April Urban Legends & Memorial Day Marathon Leagues!

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April Urban Legends & Memorial Day Marathon Leagues!

From Herzberg - published 3.24.22

We are excited to announce events coming in April and May to Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Durham, Houston, and Philadelphia: our April Urban Legends Series and Memorial Day Marathon Leagues! To our friends in Cincinnati - do not fret! We're brainstorming ideas on events that would work well. Have some ideas? Please share them with Ryan!

April Urban Legends - OVER/UNDER with a Twist

April's Urban Legends events are going to take our now-familiar "OVER/UNDER" format (splitting the field down the middle by average* to create a group of people in the "OVER" and a group of people in the "UNDER"), and adding a PREMIER/STANDARD element. Instead of two DIFFERENT tournaments, though, there will still only be one tournament. People in the OVER will be throwing Premier rules while people in the UNDER will be throwing Standard rules - even when throwing against each other!

We'll also be throwing OVER (Premier)/UNDER(Standard) Doubles (with the person with the highest average paired up with the person with the lowest average to make teams), as well as OVER(Premier)/UNDER(Standard) Around the World. As usual, practice hour an hour beforehand.

Register here:

AUS, BAL, DUR - Friday, April 22nd @7pm

Houston folks - we're going to take a pause this month to build momentum for the next one!

*We're going to use your highest average from your last COMPLETED Regular Season, but if your last completed season was a Premier Season (and you didn’t throw Regular at the same time), we'll multiple your Premier Season average by 1.15

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Memorial Day Weekend Marathon Leagues

Come hang out with us on Memorial Day for a special all day Monday Marathon League! We've got visions of great drinks, MDW themed potlucks, amazing community and LOTS of throwing (28 matches PLUS a double elimination tournament!). This Marathon League will feature Premier Rules making it perfect for anyone looking to get some IATC practice in as well!

We'll need at least 12 people to sign up to run the event and we'll be capped at 20 participants! Everyone makes the playoffs (not just the top 16!), cash prizes, and the playoff winner gets a Champs Mug! Practice kicks of at 9:30am with matches starting at 10:00am.

For more info and Prize Pool details, head to the registration pages here: AUS, BALDUR, HOU, PHL